Everything He Knew Changed in a Flash


DC shares some variant covers for The Flash #1

DC Relaunch: DC Reveals The Justice League-Related Titles and Creative Teams


We find out what a few of the 52 new #1-issues will be, and who will be working on them.

DC Previews the August Issues of Flashpoint


Get a glimpse at all of August’s Flashpoint titles.

The Road To Flashpoint Ends, as Everything Changes in Flash #12 and Flashpoint #1


Geoff Johns changes the entire DC Universe around Barry Allen.

More Flashpoint Titles, Questions, and Creative Teams Revealed!


DC provides us a bunch of teasers for the second issues of the various Flashpoint titles.

More Flashpoint Titles and Creative Teams Revealed!


DC unveils the titles, covers, and creative teams for a second batch of the “Flashpoint” titles.

DC Unveils New Variants!


Check out the variant covers for The Flash #10, Green Lantern Corps #58, Justice League: Generation Lost #22, and Justice League of America #55.

Speeding Bullets: Monday, September 27, 2010


Edward Norton eyes the role of The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film, Chloe Moretz is signed to play the lead in Emily the Strange, Kurt Busiek discusses the future of Astro City with the shutdown of WildStorm, Spidey gets two potential attractive leading ladies, and more in today’s Speeding Bullets!

Speeding Bullets: Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Supergirl’s return to Smallville comes with a brand new costume, Stan Lee sends a special message to comic retailers, DC gives us a preview of Superman/Batman 75, we give you the chance to watch Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaa online for free, and more in today’s Speeding Bullets!

Is Batman the Next White Lantern?


DC’s solicitations for November’s Brightest Day books certainly seems to suggest that when the Dark Knight returns, he may not be so dark…