DC Relaunch: The Green Lantern Universe in the Post-Flashpoint Era!


Want to know what future holds for the Lanterns? Read on!

More Flashpoint Titles, Questions, and Creative Teams Revealed!


DC provides us a bunch of teasers for the second issues of the various Flashpoint titles.

More Flashpoint Titles and Creative Teams Revealed!


DC unveils the titles, covers, and creative teams for a second batch of the “Flashpoint” titles.

Let’s Brighten Up the Week With Two Variant Covers From DC!


Variants are revealed for Green Lantern Corps #57 and Justice League of America #54.

Steel Faces Doomsday!


Can John Henry Iron stop the monster that once killed Superman?

Reign Of Doomsday Begins in January’s Steel #1

DC brings back the Kryptonian monster to face John Henry Irons.

Weekly Comic Round-Up, August 11, 2010 Edition


Check out Aaron’s thoughts on the books he’s reading this week, including Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Incredible Hulk, Spectacular Spider-Girl and Titans.

Check Out the May Brightest Day Solicitations!


DC unveils the covers and solicitations for their May tie-ins to the new “heroic age” event.

The Birds of Prey Return in 2010!


Gail Simone and Ed Benes relaunch the adventures of the DC Universe’s greatest all-woman superhero team.

Weekly Comic Round-Up, October 28, 2009 Edition


Check out Aaron’s thoughts on the books he’s reading this week.