Superman License Plates Coming to Ohio?

by Aaron Einhorn
There are several reasons I love the news that the Siegel and Shuster society are moving forward with the plans to introduce a specialty license plate in the state of Ohio.

The first is that I love Superman. Always have. There’s a reason he’s the first superhero costume I made for myself in over a decade.

The second is that I love anything that honors the roots of the characters. In the face of lawsuits, it’s easy to forget how much we owe creators like Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Jack Kirby, Bob Kane and all the rest. So anything that honors them makes me happy.

The third is that the plate just looks cool. It’s clean and classy, but still evocative, sporting the “S” shield and the phrase “Ohio – Birthplace of Superman.”

And the final reason I like the news? Well, because I live in Ohio, so I could get one of these plates.

The Siegel and Shuster society needs to collect at least 500 signatures to make this a reality – a feat that they should be able to accomplish at my local comic shop alone. State Senator Tom Patton, a Republican of Strongsville, has agreed to propose the plate to the Ohio legislature when the signatures are gathered.

The aim is to have the license plates available by 2013, the 75th anniversary of the first appearance of Superman in “Action Comics” No. 1.

The specialty plates would be purchased from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and usually cost between $25 and $35 more than standard plates.

(Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

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