Speeding Bullets: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

from the Comic Hero News staff
There’s a lot that happens in the world of superheroes everyday, and we at Comic Hero News don’t have the ability to write up a full story about everything, as much as we’d like to. So, we bring you Speeding Bullets – for all of those pieces of news that are fired our way that are worth noticing, but don’t merit a full story in their own right.

  • Hollwood.com tells us that Daniel Day Lewis has been cast as the antagonist in the Sherlock Holmes sequel. Curiously enough, however, they do not state that the villain is Moriarty.
  • Comic Book Movie has a set report from Green Lantern that says that Krona – the creator of DC’s Multiverse – has a role to play in the film. The report also confirms the rumor that Parallax is in the movie.
  • James Marsters spoke to MovieWeb about his return to the world of Smallville as the Kryptonian android, Brainiac.
  • Danny Elfman is no longer composing the score for The Green Hornet, according to a recent report from ScreenRant.
  • Empire Online has a new Scott Pilgrim vs. the World-based cover, featuring star Michael Cera.
  • Marvel Studios have unveiled a new poster to promote their upcoming Avengers cartoon.
  • J.T. Krul spoke to Comic Book Resources where he revealed his plans for Teen Titans, which include bringing back the A-listers to the book, such as Raven, Superboy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl.
  • Matthew Vaughn spoke about the DVD release of Kick-Ass with MTV’s Splashpage.
  • Comic Book Movie‘s VoicesFromKrypton got the chance to talk to former Supergirl Laura Vandervoot about her upcoming role on both Smallville and V.
  • JAM has the news from Cowboys & Aliens that should make fanboys everywhere happy. Apparently, Olivia Wilde has just filmed a nude scene for the film.
  • Chris Evans is researching every version of the Captain America mythos he can, according to an interview he gave to MTV’s Splashpage, in preparation for his starring role in Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • The CW is planning to find a spin-off or other DC-based replacement for Smallville, according to what CT Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff told TVOvermind.
  • Hollywood.com reports that a judge has ruled in Neil Gaiman’s favor over the ownership of Medieval Spawn and Angela, in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn.
  • Let Me In is getting a prequel comic, and MTV’s Splashpage has an advance look at the character design sketches.
  • If Brandon Routh has anything to say about it, the star of the Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot will be him! The Superman Returns star told Empire Online that he would love to reprise his role as the Man of Steel.
  • Christopher Nolan’s Inception hasn’t only delayed the next Batman film, it has also caused problems for X-Men: First Class. Matthew Vaughn told HeroComplex Blog that several ideas he had for dream sequences/astral plane scenes had to be scrapped after he saw Inception and noted the similarities.


  1. Brandon says:

    Come on GA spin-off! *crosses fingers*

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