Speeding Bullets: Friday, August 13, 2010

from the Comic Hero News staff
There’s a lot that happens in the world of superheroes everyday, and we at Comic Hero News don’t have the ability to write up a full story about everything, as much as we’d like to. So, we bring you Speeding Bullets – for all of those pieces of news that are fired our way that are worth noticing, but don’t merit a full story in their own right.

  • To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Mimoco – makers of the Mimobot character-themed flash drives, have unveiled four new character drives this weekend at Star Wars Celebration V: Yoda, Snowtrooper, Wampa, and Hoth Luke.
  • Newsarama has an advance look at next week’s Avengers Academy 3.
  • Actress America Olivo has joined the cast of the Broadway show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, as was recently discovered by SuperHeroHype.
  • Take one of the best writers in comics today (Ron Marz), a legendary artist (Bernie Wrightson), and task them with creating a story about one of the most iconic superheroes (Batman), and you might end up with Batman: Hidden Treasures. ComicBookResources spoke with Marz to find out more about this project – which was considered by many to be a lost tale.
  • As always seems to be the case with DC Animated Series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold is coming to an end all too soon. And even earlier than that, the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic is also going away. However, DC Universe: The Source has announced that a new comic will be replacing it: The All New Bataman: The Brave and the Bold will debut in November, with the first two episodes featuring team-ups with Superman and Captain Marvel. Here’s the cover to Issue 1.
  • We already knew that, despite not being shot in 3-D, both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger would get a 3-D conversion. So, the report from Showbiz 411 that The Avengers will actually be shot for 3-D isn’t a huge surprise.
  • Brian K. Vaughn’s Ex Machina run comes to an end next month. So, what’s next for the creator behind Y! The Last Man? IGN.com got the chance to speak to Vaughn to see if they could get the word about his next project. Vaughn wasn’t saying, but he did confirm that he won’t be going back to any of Marvel or DC’s superhero titles.
  • Per a Press Release from SyFy, we have learned that Azita Ghanizada (who has had roles on Bones, Castle, Ghost Whisperer and other genre shows), will be joining the cast of SyFy’s Alphas, a psudeo-superhero show about a group of people who develop superhuman powers due to their brain anomalies, and use them to help solve crimes.
  • Although it arrived just one week after the final issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers 2, the first issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 arrived this week, and pits the heroes against the menace of the Ultimate Universe’s vampires. Mark Millar spoke to ComicBookResources about what he has in store for the heroes, and what it’s like to have Steve Dillon (30 Days of Night) drawing the superhero book.
  • Pietro Filpponi at ComicBookMovie has some interesting news about the villains in Green Lantern, and how Parallax, Krona, and Hector Hammond all tie-in together. It’s not an implausible way to link the villains, however there is no source listed, so take this one with a grain of salt.
  • The future of The Terminator is… an animated series? Well, at least it is according to Empire Online. Seriously, there are plans for a PG-13, animated film, to focus on Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and the T-101, based on Arnold Schwarzeneger’s version of the Cyborg.

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