Complete Line-Up Of the New Justice League Revealed!

by Aaron Einhorn
A new teaser image has shown up for September’s Justice League #1. The image (found by Bleeding Cool) gives us a good look at the full costumes for the “core” leaguers, along with showing sidebars that suggest some other possible members of the team.

Some of the sidebar characters are easy to pick out. The left side clearly shows Deadman, Atom and Firestorm, while the right side gives us Green Arrow, Hawkman and Mera. But it’s not entirely clear who the woman with the headgear on the left is, nor who the blonde on the right is.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)


  1. Pholtus says:

    Would guess the one on the right is Black Canary since GA is in the book.

  2. Tom says:

    It’s been stated that it’s not Canary and that she’s a brunette. Apparently John’s twitter has said she’s a brunette and nobody has guessed correctly yet.

    Looks like the one in the headgear is Element Woman.

  3. Daniel says:

    Gotta say that’s a better image than the first one released. Now if DC will just stick with this for the long haul.

  4. Pholtus says:
  5. Daniel says:

    Just read on Blastr that fans are going to protest DC at SDCC over this restart. Jeez.

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